Online Sports Pools
The league rules and regulations appear on this page. Read the rules carefully and contact the league commissioner if you have any questions. This list of rules is not guaranteed to be complete. Any items not specifically covered in the rules are at the discretion of the league commissioner.  Any technical problems with the website during the duration of the pool will be handled by the commissioner.  In the unlikely event of lost data or any unknowns that may occur, the commissioner will have the final decision on any and all alterations to the pool.

Object Regular Season
1) Each week you will predict the winners of NFL games. (Without the spread)
2) You will earn a pool "Point" for each correct pick that you make.
3) Tie games count as a pool "Loss".

Weekly Picks Deadline
The deadline for submitting picks will be strictly enforced. The deadline for each week will be the scheduled game time of the first game each week.  The deadline time is located on the "ENTER PICKS" page in the upper right hand corner.  Once the deadline has passed the page will not allow you to enter or modify your picks.

It is each player's responsibility to ensure that their entry is submitted before the deadline.  Due to the potential for technical difficulties regarding the website, it is strongly recommended that picks be entered as soon as possible.

Making/editing your picks
After entering your picks, you may make edits up until the deadline for that week.  Simply go to the enter picks page and re-enter your new picks using your same name from the drop down menu.  Fill out the form complete and submit. (VERY IMPORTANT!! Entering your email address on the pick sheet will serve as your password.  Email addresses for players will not be shown on the pool site.  It is absolutely imperative that you enter your email address correctly.   If you enter your email address incorrectly your picks will be sent, but will not be accepted.  The site will allow you to submit your picks with an incorrect email address without any warning!)  Your new picks will override any previous picks up until the deadline for that week.  Player picks will not be viewable until after the deadline for the week passes.  Confirmation of changes will be sent to you if you select the option to email a copy of your pick sheet to yourself.

Entry Fee
Entry fee is $5 per week for regular season games. The season pool fee is a one time payment of $10.  (Please see season pool section for payment deadline) This is in addition to the weekly pool fee of $5 per week.  You can pay weekly or for multiple weeks at a time.  The playoff "re-pick" pool is $20, which covers the playoffs from the wildcard to the Super Bowl. You may use any winnings throughout the season as entry fees.  There will be a one time fee of $3 to cover software/program fees.  This fee was increased by $1 from 2018.

Pre-season games are free and are for fun only.  All regular season/playoff payments (including paypal charges) must be received before the first game of the new week or the set deadline, whether that is a Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday game.  Picks submitted without complete payment will be void.

Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, personal check or cash.  Please visit the "Pay" page for more payment information.   You can pay for multiple or single weeks at a time.  All money will be tracked on the "balance" page.

For individuals I work with: Pool money and hand written forms will NOT be accepted during working hours or on company property!  Absolutely no exceptions!

You can play as many forms as you like as long as you pay for each submission.  When playing multiple forms please use different names so I can tell forms apart.  i.e.: Joe Smith, Joe Smith1, Joe Smith2 and so on.   If you try to submit a second set of picks using your original user name, your original picks will be updated with the new picks.

Missing Picks
The program will not allow an incomplete pick sheet to be submitted

Weekly Tie-Breaker
If there is a tie between two or more players each week, the tie will be broken as follows:
1) Picking the total score of the Monday Night Football game.  If two or more tied players pick the same tiebreaker score the pot will be split evenly.  If there is more then one Monday night game the latest played game will serve as the tiebreaker game.  The tiebreaker game is always listed last on the pick sheet.

Season Pool
Pre/post season games will not be included in season totals.  The season pool winner will be determined by the best point total shown on the Season Standings page.  Points are calculated by each players best 10 weeks played in the weekly pool.  You must be a paying player in the weekly pool to play in the season long pool.  If you play more then 10 weeks your best ten weeks will be counted towards your win percentage, throwing out your worst weeks.  Deadline for payment for the season pool will be week 8 of the NFL season. (October 24th, 2019 @ 5:20PM PT)

Season Tie-Breaker
If there is a tie between two or more players for the season winner, the tie will be broken as follows:
1) If two or more players have the same point total after week 17 the first tie breaker will be determined by the exact percentage.

2) If two or more players have the same point total and exact pick percentage then picking the total score of the "tie-breaker" game for week 17.  Whoever is closest wins.  

3) If players tied for the season pool pick the same tiebreaker the pot will then be split.

Playoff Pool
The playoff "re-pick" pool will include the wild card games, divisional, conference, and the Super Bowl using the spread for each game.  Entry fee is $20.  Simply pick the winners of each round using the spread.  Collect points for correct picks.  Each round you will re-pick who you think will win based on the teams remaining, regardless if you picked them incorrectly in the previous round.  The top 3 players with the most points at the end of the Super Bowl will be declared the winners.  Payout for the top three is 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%.

The winner of each week can collect their winnings in person or have winnings mailed in the form check.  Other options will be PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle, or Apple Pay.  Email address or some other form of contact must be provided on each form submitted for prize claim purposes. 

Winners will be notified by email or in person.