Online Sports Pools

Because this is a private pool, you will need to signup.  You will need to be invited to this pool.  If you did not receive an invitation from me, and would like one, please contact me.  This pool is run by me (Rich King) through a third party website (RACESCORE.com).  All money will be collected by me and will be paid out through me.  Don't forget to write down your user name and password when you join.  If you played the 2018 pool, you are still in the database.  You can edit your existing information if you desire.  If you need help signing up or changing your information, please contact me. 


There will be a one time $5 website fee each year.  This fee is to cover the cost of the software ($60). 

Weekly entry fee $3

Season entry fee $25 (one time payment) Season deadline is the second race of the season at Atlanta.

Total pot for the weekly pool will vary weekly depending on number of participants for any given week. The season long pool will also be determined by number of participants after week two. 

Once driver/car selections are made for the first time those drivers/cars will remain your “driver/car team” until changes are made by you.  (Except for driver re-groupings, see below)  You are responsible to manage your team during the season.  If you wish to skip a week you must login and delete your driver team for that week.  If you do not field a team the weekly fee will not be deducted from your balance.  If you field a team and funds are available it will be assumed you were an active participant and the weekly fee will be deducted from your balance.  Shortly after a race is complete the website will show the weekly winner for that week.  The winner of the weekly pool must be paid and in good standings.  If you are not paid, you are not in the weekly pool.  Absolutely no exceptions!  The balance page will be used to track this information.  Please keep in mind the balance page may be pending updates at any time.  The balance page is a tool I use to track money and is provided for you as a convenience only.   


Drivers/Cars are divided into groupings based on the 2018 final NASCAR standings. The groups are in order from best to worst. 

You pick 1 to 4 drivers/cars from each of these groups to make up your team, selecting a total of 10 cars/drivers. 

New drivers/cars and relief drivers will be added to the pool as necessary to Group D. 

Pick deadline is One Hour Prior to Scheduled TV Start Time. 

NASCAR Penalties will be accessed to our pool standings.  The new NASCAR disqualification rule will also be applied if a winner is disqualified.

Segment points will be added in to the pool and awarded to the driver/car team in the same manner NASCAR awards segment points for the top 10 finishers per segment.

Points will be awarded by car number in our pool, not driver name.  If you pick #48 and Jimmie Johnson does not drive that week you will get points based on the finish of the #48 car, if it is driven. 

When the season starts, you will collect all of the same points as every one of your cars/drivers.

The team with the most points at the end of the week or season wins. 

The Monster Energy Chase races do not impact scoring. All cup races will be scored in the same manner as all other races. 

Driver Grouping Resets

After the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, May 26th (race 13) the driver/car groupings will be reset based on the official NASCAR standings at that time.  After the May 26th Charlotte race is complete and results have been posted, each pool player’s driver/car team will be cleared.  Groupings will be reset for a second time after Indianapolis, September 8th (race 26).  All player's drivers/car teams will again be cleared.  If you do not go back in before race 14 & 27 and pick new drivers/cars you will not receive points for those races and beyond!  This is very important!  There will be several reminders sent as we get ready for the re-groupings.


As stated above, all drivers are divided into groups A-D.  A being the best drivers, D being the worst drivers.  Each pool player will pick 10 drivers each week.   You can change your "car team" at anytime, except when a race is in progress.  So you don't have to play the same cars each week.  If you are a season player or a weekly player, you can pick a team and stick with it untouched from week to week if you desire.  You don't have to login every week and make your picks if you don't want to or forget.  Once your team is assembled, it's your team until you decide to make changes or the pool ends.  To be eligible to win the weekly pot, you must play the weekly pool and have the most points (among the other weekly players) for that week.  The season winner will be determined by the pool player with the most overall points at the end of the season (among the other season players).   You can see who is playing which format by visiting the balance page.  Those paid up for each race or the season will have credits available.

This list of rules is not guaranteed to be complete. Any items not specifically covered in the rules are at the discretion of the league commissioner.