Online Sports Pools

Because this is a private pool, you will need to signup.  You will need to be invited to this pool.  If you did not receive an invitation from me, and would like one, please contact me.  This pool is run by me (Rich King) through a third party website (NASCAR Pools Online).  All money will be collected by me and will be paid out through me.  Don't forget to write down your user name and password when you join.  If you need help signing up or changing your information, please contact me. 


There will be a one time $5 website fee each year.  This fee is to cover the cost of the software and other related website fees. 

Weekly entry fee $3 x 36 = $108
Season entry fee $25

Total cost for the 2020 season is $138.

New for 2020:  Everyone is required to pay the whole fee this year.  You can pay in portions through the season but if you play you are expected to pay the entire $138.  I would like to have everyone paid up no later then the start of the chase.  (Race 26)


Drivers are divided into groupings based on the 2019 final NASCAR standings. The groups are in order from best to worst. 

New for 2020:  Driver groupings will not be reset during the season.  They will remain the same all season.

You pick 1 to 4 drivers/cars from each of these groups to make up your team, selecting a total of 10 cars/drivers. 

New for 2020:  You can only pick each driver 12 times during the season.  That means that in groups B & C you will have to pick each driver 12 times during the season.  So there is a little added strategy on which race to pick each driver.

New drivers/cars and relief drivers will be added to the pool as necessary to Group D. 

Pick deadline is  listed TV start time. 

NASCAR Penalties will be accessed to our pool standings.  The new NASCAR disqualification rule will also be applied if a winner is disqualified.

Segment points will be added in to the pool and awarded to the driver/car team in the same manner NASCAR awards segment points for the top 10 finishers per segment.

Points will be awarded by driver name.  

When the season starts, you will collect points from the top 9 of your 10 drivers.  See below.

New for 2020:  5 points will be awarded to the driver that leads the most laps each race.  1 point will be awarded to any driver that leads a lap each race.   Each week your driver that scores the worst of your 10 drivers will be dropped.  You will receive points for your top 9 drivers only.

The team with the most points at the end of the week or season wins. 

The chase races do not impact scoring. All cup races will be scored in the same manner as all other races.   Please see Chase/Playoffs below.

The Chase (Playoffs)

New for 2020:  After race 26 (the start of the chase), players in the top 12 will qualify for the chase.  Those 12 players points will be reset with bonus points based on position of finish in the regular season.  For example:  After race 26 the first place finisher will receive 120 points, second place 110, third place 100 and so on down the line until the 12 place finisher receives 10 points.  So only 110 points will separate first place and twelfth place in the pool for the final 10 races.  Those in the chase are the only ones that will qualify for a top 3 finish.  All other racers will still have a shot at the weekly pool until seasons end.  The points for the top 12 players will be reset in such a fashion that 13th and beyond could not possibly catch the top 12.

This list of rules is not guaranteed to be complete. Any items not specifically covered in the rules are at the discretion of the league commissioner.